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About Us

What is the average price of Wrought Iron?
For most wrought iron, such as gates, fences, railings, interior decorations, etc. pricing depends on the level of design and customization. We can also pursue special projects for individuals/businesses requiring out-of-the ordinary ironwork. If you required detailed pricing, or wish to get your project started today fill out our online quote form or call 615-519-3115 and we will be glad to help!

What are the limitations on design projects by Chapman Ironworks?

We have a $350 minimum, we design and install our Ironwork custom to the client’s imagination, so if you have a custom project we would love to help!

What types of coatings do you offer on your Ironwork?
To ensure durability and toughness for our indoor or outdoor Ironwork, we offer both powder coated and painted finishes. This helps the Ironwork retain the new appearance longer and provides a barrier against the formation of rust which helps to resist weather corrosion.

How long has Chapman Ironworks been in business?

We’ve been designing, building and installing custom Ironwork since Chapman Ironworks was established by Gerald Chapman in 1996. We have the experience to ensure your project gets completed with quality and craftsmanship.

What types of IronWorks are available from Chapman Ironworks?
Chapman Ironworks can complete all types of projects for both residential and commercial applications. We focus on exterior gates, railings, fencing, and interior decoraions – but don’t let that short list limit you. We can design and install custom Ironwork in almost any environment for both decorative and functional uses.

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